Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's all about Balance

Work, family, and training. It sounds easy, only three variables, right? But all three spill over into each other, and the first two speak louder to me most of the time, leaving the third off in a corner and lonely, just ask my bike... Once in a while I do manage to strike a nice balance and then everything is right with the world. Such was the case late this past summer, when we had just moved to the Saratoga area, I was starting a new job, and training for my first triathlon, thinking this was going to be a GREAT year speedskating. What was I thinking??? The accumulated stress of moving and maintining two houses while searching for a third got to me just before Christmas and I holed up when I really needed to be training more. Funny thing about humans, sometimes it's hard for us to do what's clearly best for us! So here I am nearing the end of another season with barely any training and racing, 40 lbs overweight, swearing the NEXT season is gonna be different ( AGAIN ). You would think that after a few years of this blind ambition, I'd realize it wasn't going to happen, but that's also what is funny about humans, sometimes we are incredibly optimisitc about what we can accomplish, and it keeps us going forward. So I have to figure out how to make the training animal talk a bit louder and pay attention to it, because, as my car nut husband tells me, the first thing you do to make a car faster is to make it LIGHTER.

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Anonymous said...

Next season is really going to be better for me :-), and you too darnit!