Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ice is Nice, but Sun is Fun!

You are looking at our late afternoon routine this past week. We've been in Siesta Key, FL, for a little R & R. For the past five or six years, our family has been learning to live "more economically ", due to layoffs, job changes, location changes, and the economy. We've been lucky to have relatives in Northerneastern coastal locations who have graciously invited us to stay with them in the summer. That leaves a long, cold, and frequently dark winter with no breaks for us. Don't get me wrong, our family loves winter, we sled, snowshoe, and two of us speedskate. Downhill skiing is beyond us now financially, but used cross country skis are cheap, and the skiing is (usually) free, so we plan to take up that sport as well.

When friends of ours, who have a daughter in our daughter's class, asked if we might like to join them in their parent's TWO condos on Siesta Key, we jumped at the offer. We cashed in the last of our frequent flyer miles and launched our family on a wonderful, warm, and relaxing trip south.
October is not a terribly popular month to visit Florida, for reasons I don't understand. It was warm and sunny every day. We had rain for a short time on the last two days, which didn't interfere with anything we did. The evenings were the best, though. Doing our best to avoid the damaging rays of the sun, we limited our swimming to mornings and late afternoon, each time with plenty of sunblock. Even so, we got plenty of "color"! The waters of the Gulf of Mexico were warm and clear, with just enough surf to make it fun for the kids. The sunsets were spectacular, even more so with a glass of Chardonnay! Most nights we had to pull the kids out of the water because we could no longer see them. Siesta Key is famous for it's white sandy beaches, which are mostly quartz, and have been ground to a flour like consistancy. It also makes great sand castles, and the kids made all sorts of creations.

For four days, we did little more than sleep late, have coffee, float in the pool, eat and nap, do a little shopping (Sarasota Goodwill, plenty of bargains, LOL!), and sit on the beach. Our youngest was sick (as it turned out upon returning, QUITE sick) but with lots of rest, tylenol, and motrin, was able to have fun with her siblings and her best friend from school. I put in one night of work, but other than that, I didn't think about work or skating.
I return to the cold north tan and rested, and unfortunately a few pounds heavier. I had intended to workout every day, but the pace in Florida is much slower. I did swim laps one day, but my heart wasn't in it. I am energized though and ready to start training again. Goal, I need a goal, has anyone seen one I could use?