Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ice Ice Everywhere, except at the Bay

Another ice storm here in Saratoga, where the only two questions that are relevant first thing in the morning in winter are whether it is STILL snowing or whether it is snowing AGAIN? The answer determining whether you have to haul out the snowblower or you whether you can blast through it and leave the snowblowing until after work.

The latter was the answer today, however it was challenging to open the doors on the van. We seem to have had plenty of ice events here this year, but further west in Webster, NY, just outside of Rochester it is not the case. This weekend was to be the inaugural Skate the Bay event. My friends Karen and Robert Varrone and the RSST team put a lot of effort into getting this marathon skating event off the ground. There were to be several marathon distances as well as two fun shorter distances for the general public to try. We were all looking forward to skating, but a few thaws made the ice unstable and the event had to be cancelled at the last moment. I visited the site at Christmas with members of the master's ladies RSST team.

These women are all seasoned speedskaters and it would have been fun to compete with them. I'll see many of them in a few weeks at another ST event, but I do enjoy getting together with them any time I have the opportunity!

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